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First Helix! But...


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Hello Line 6 Community! First time poster here.


I've just made the jump from fractal to helix with a HX Stomp. In my first 2 days I am blown away at how great these tones are. I am looking to ditch both my AX8 and audio interface for the flexibility of the Stomp as a stand alone. So far, I can see I made the right choice. The only thing I am noticing is:


Noise on high gain lead patches


I love all the tones I'm getting from all the stock presets and also downloaded some Glen DeLuane presets. Both, have the high noise and uncontrollable feedback issue on the lead type patches. 


Is this just the nature of the Stomp or Helix in general or am I doing something wrong? 

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Roll off as many highs as you can going into the amp. The distortion will restore a lot of the highs, but it will be harder to set up a feedback path. Also rolling off highs after the amp can help.


Many models have resonances that peak considerably higher than the rest of the audio, and these can promote feedback. A parametric notch can sometimes solve this.


Good luck! Just remember that high gain is HIGH GAIN. There are limits as to how much you avoid feedback with that much gain.

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I use high gain patches and amps and can it can get pretty loud with distortion pedals/OD up front. I use the noise gate at the input block, and then often use another in the chain. It's definitely manageable, we play loud and aggressive live and I don't any issues with uncontrollable feedback etc. Also use low and hi cuts.

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