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How to use expression pedal to mix wet/dry tone


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Hey all,


I was watching a few videos on the Gigrig Wetter Box yesterday and wondered if it was possible to set up a similar setup in the Helix.  It's easy to create a split paths with a dry tone and a wet tone, and set a static mix for those in the mixer block when they come back together...but what I want to do is to use the expression pedal to set that mix.  So when the pedal is all the way back the tone is 100% dry, and when it's all the way forward it's 100% wet.  I'm sure the answer is quite obvious, but I haven't found it in my searches (here or the web in general).


Can anyone offer any advice on how to make that work?  The mixer block just gives me gain levels for A and B, but not a mix between A and B.  When I tried doing it with the gain levels everything was mixed but quiet and anemic in the middle of the pedal position, but correct (either full wet or full dry) on either end.



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I've made several tests. It seems I found 1 specific configuration that does the trick. Drawback: 2 additional Volume Blocks needed.


Application: Blending gradually 'Dry Mono Path A'  from 0% to 100% 'Wet Stereo Path B' without volume change at any position EXP Pedal


1. Set Split Block to either Split Y (Balance A and B = Center) or Split A/B (= Even Split) - no controller assign(s)


2. Set Mixer Block to default settings: Level A = 0.0dB, Pan A = Center, Level B = 0.0dB, Pan B = Center, B Polarity = Normal,  Level = 0.0dB - no controller assign(s)


3. Insert a Mono Volume Block at the end of Dry Mono Path A just right before Mixer Block. Assign EXP Pedal to Position (Min Position = 100% / Max Postion = 0% / Curve = Linear)


4. Insert a Stereo Volume Block at the end (after all Wet Effects) of Wet Stereo Path B just right before Mixer Block. Assign EXP Pedal to Position (Min Postion = 0% / Max Position = 100% / Curve = Linear)




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