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Line 6 Spider Iv 15 Tuner Problem

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I just picked up my first guitar and this amp, so I basically know nothing yet. I enabled tuner mode and tuned low E string (Crunch and Metal LED lit up both perfectly). Then I tuned A string (perfectly too). Then I go back to low E to check it just in case and now Clean LED lit up. Why? I haven't touched it at all. If I tune that again, then A will be shown as wrong. I dont understand.

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Hey trueinsider,


  Was the Clean flashing?


  The tuner will always look for notes that correspond to the standard guitar string tunings (EADGBE). Crunch and Metal (Channel B & C) indicates the string is in pitch.


If one of the string is a little flat from being in tune the Clean will flash.


When Channel A (clean) is lit it is indicating the note is 20 cents flat, Channel B (Crunch) indicates 5 cents, Channels B & C (Crunch & Metal) indicates the note is in tune. Channels C and D is the same concept, except indicating higher pitch.







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