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Using Powercab+ as solo pa?

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Hi, Ive recently moved to Helix and Powercab+ and loving it, great range of tones for home, rehearsals and gigs. Ive also just bought a stomp for a backup/smaller stage setup. 


I am subsequently having a clearout of non essential gear that it is replacing. 


As well as bands I also play solo with an acoustic, using a TC Helicon Play Acoustic for the vocal effects and going straight into a Bose- no problems there. 


BUT at some smaller gigs (we have Micro pubs here in the UK- enough space for about 15 people) I have used an AER Compact 60 and run that from the Play Acoustic. 


The truth is though I can better and more versatile acoustic tones via the Helix/Stomp, but wondered if I could run the mic out from the Play Acoustic directly into the Powercab and use that instead? Has anyone tried this? 





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Your mic has to be amplified, you won't be able to go direct into the PC+, nevertheless, you can take your Helix and create a voice second path. It means, you won't do that with the stomp too.....

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