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Redwirez Impulses silent on Powercab+ only


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I have a Helix and Powercab 112+ combo. 


I have the Redwirez Big Box / Complete pack (legally obtained)


The IRs work just fine when loaded on the Helix, and the Powercab sounds good set to FRFR/flat. 

However, when I uploaded the same set of IRs to the Powercab itself, every third or fourth one is completely silent. I've changed the levels of each IR to be at 0.0, from the default of -18.0. Otherwise, didn't do anything odd with them. Just want them to be as loud as possible. Plus, I want the extra DSP I get back from not loading them on the Helix. 


All of them are 24-bit and 48khz, which I believe is the required format. 


I selected one IR from each cab they offer, using the R121 mic at 1" placement. Was going to start there and try other placements if I hated the results. 
So each IR is a different cab, or at least different speaker. It's not 50 IRs for the same cab with different mic placements. 


I'm going to try grabbing some alternate mic placements from the ones that didn't work and see how that goes. I might also take the ones that didn't work and try to re-save them in Adobe Audition or something to correct for any encoding issues the Power cab is sensitive to. 

Anyone run into anything like this with their Powercab? 

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