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Any Reason Not To Put Bareknuckle Pickups Into A Jtv 89f?

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All of my guitars have non standard pups - a Gary Moore Les Paul that has 57 classics; a start with BKP... and a Gretsch Electromatic (loved the body and it was cheap) with Brian a Setzer TV Jones'


So would love to upgrade my Variax that I'm ordering to have some cool looking BKP's in it particularly a humbucker sized p90 to replicate Muses's sound (they have one called Stockholme)


Any thoughts??? Are the pups that come as standard (on the Korean model) any good and maybe voiced specifically for the guitar / electronics???


I figure (expensive trial) I can take them out and keep them for another project if they don't suit and put the originals back in....

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No reason that I can think of :D
In fact I was considering a matched set of warpigs to go into my Vax700.
I ended up putting this set because I really wanted to have a guitar with that kind of pickup combination
(the variax does that and more, but I wanted the sound of real pickups) and they sound great.
Then I started thinking about putting the warpigs on my JTV89, but, based on what I've heard,
I think I'm gonna go for a pair of alumitones. Tough decision, because I really love bareknuckle's stuff

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I can't help you with the sizes and legs, because the only pickup change I've ever done in my life, I did wrong and 

switched an F-spaced pickup for another, narrower, one (I didn't know there were different sizes of pickups back then).
What I can do is point my nose towards the prey:

For the wiring in the JTV89(F) you need a 4 conductor pickup, otherwise you won't be able to split (or tap) the coils.

It would be nice if somebody, more tech savvy could step in and contribute.

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