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Issue with stereo effects on 240 HC


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We have a Spider V user group on Facebook and one of our members told us about this mono clicking issue he's getting. Basically happens when you output to a cabinet mono, (one cable plugged in) and have amp modeling off, and set the mix to 70% on certain effects and you get this rhythmic clicking sound. Being that I also had an 240 HC, I decided to try and see if mine did it as well, and it does.

He has sent his amp back to the retailer multiple times, had all the circuitry replaced and what not. The final summation that it was a firmware issue that Line 6 had to fix. 

Only problem is it is on the following effects:

all of the reverbs

except for the 3 spring reverbs and the Brite Room.

The Stereo Delay and Ping Pong Delay

The Sine Chorus, Line 6 Flanger,  Rotary Drum+Horn, Auto Pan, Stereo Square Chorus, Stereo Expo Chorus, Hi-Talk, Sweeper

This only happens if you have amp modeling off and plugged in mono to the cabinet...

Link to Video showing issue.

Can anyone else reproduce this issue? 

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By any chance does the frequency of the clicking relate to the speed of the TAP control?  If the TAP light is blinking, it may be that EMI from the TAP circuit is bleeding through to the amp circuitry.  I wouldn't think so, but it is technically possible.   If you can, turn the TAP light off and see if the clicking stops.  Thorne

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Hi, I am the guy mentioned above who noticed this problem. They told me I have to wait for the new firmware to fix this problem, they changed every chip and kept happening, so yes, a software problem, but I'd like a LINE 6 (US) Confirmation of this, since I'm from Mexico, so I don't know it Line 6 (US) is really aware of this. For me, it's a serious problem.

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I recommend everyone who has this product to replicate the problem, just to see if it's in every single unit, or we were just so unlucky. If something happened, please let us know, maybe we can get their attention.

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