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POD HD300 Edit on OSX Mojave?


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I recently bought a used POD HD300 and I use the POD HD300 Edit software on OSX High Sierra with no problem.


There is however an OSX update to Mojave and I do not know if I updated the OS would the POD HD300 Edit still work. Mojave is not mentioned in the supported OS list of the latest 2.03 (10/14/14) version of the Edit software.


Is there anyone who has OSX Mojave with a usable POD HD300 Edit out there?

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On 5/31/2019 at 8:13 AM, eccego said:

Is there anyone who has OSX Mojave with a usable POD HD300 Edit out there?

I doubt that you will receive positive responses

* Line 6 macOS software of that vintage was 32-bit and depended on Java 6,

  neither of which are supported by Mojave.

  Consider partitioning your boot drive and installing Sierra (NOT High Sierra).


Sierra can still be obtained:


A  macOS 10.12 installation requires about 16GB, and I would allocate at least 40GB..

always run a Time Machine backup to a separate external drive before attempting
these exercises, then unmount, power down, disconnect and put away
that Time Machine drive before proceeding.
1) Use Disk Utility to create a second partition on the internal drive
To minimize confusion, give the new partition an unambiguous name
and significantly different (smaller) size than the current macOS Mojave volume.
FWIW, macOS Disk Utility `Erase` is what other operating systems call `format`..
While in Disk Utility, be sure to click the sidebar icon, and
 Show All Devices (instead of Only Volumes) to verify that the new partition is 
NOT in an APFS Container.  MacOS 10.12 Sierra cannot be installed on APFS, but
its installer will not report failure (unknown internal error) until AFTER wasting a half hour
or more installing 94-96%.
Click on the container for the new partition,
select Erase and confirm that some "Mac OS Extended" option is checked.
If not, then check one and Erase again.
2)  Instructions for creating Bootable USB thumb drive for installing Sierra are here:
   Plugin the "Install macOS Sierra" USB flash drive 
   Be sure it mounts correctly
3) Reboot, pressing [Option] key 
  select the "Install Sierra" USB drive
4) To avoid wasting time on a doomed installation,
first select the Disk Utility option and erase again.
If erase fails, then installation was doomed;
- reboot to the current OS and go back to step 1)
else quit disk utility and select install
5) Installation takes absurdly longer than advertised
and has failed twice for me when a Mac slept before completion,
so wiggle the mouse every few minutes to keep it awake.
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Hi blekenbleu,


Thanks for the detailed instructions about installing Sierra to my Mac as well. I'll try that if I need.


The Edit software works well on High Sierra for me already (and HS is mentioned of the supported list of Edit). So it may work on Mojave as well. But I'm not sure as it is not said to be supported (it is not said to be unsupported too, but…)


So maybe someone with Mojave already installed and a POD HD300 my try it and answer…

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