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Question about a used Amplifi


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Hey all, I’ve owned tons of amps over the years from tube to solid state including Line 6 Flextones, POD etc. I saw my guitar center selling a used Amplifi 150 for only $239.  This seems like actually a pretty good deal but I’ve heard some horror stories in this forum about the reliability of the amplifi in general.  I’m wondering if this is the sort of thing where kinks have been worked out through firmware and app updates?  Should I be scared of buying an amp like this used??



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Probably late with a response, but I will weigh-in, anyway...


Could be a good deal, but there are some questions to be asked of GC before considering a purchase:


  1. What is the firmware version? If it's not the latest, step cautiously. If you look through this forum, you'll see plenty of complaints about the firmware process turning Amplifi amps into boat anchors. It happened to me, and I'm very adept and knowledgeable with computers and hardware. I even tried it on the phone with a Line 6 tech following along and he acknowledged that I was doing everything right, with updated computers, correct drivers, etc. It cost me over $100 to ship my 150 to California for Line 6 for a 'free' repair. 
  2. Have any of the factory presets been overwritten? Theoretically, you can do a reset and restore the factory settings. Ask if they will do it before you buy, to make sure that somebody hasn't written something godawful into one (or more!) of the preset locations.
  3. Do they have a satisfaction guarantee -- can you return it if you think it stinks within a given time period?
  4. Do they offer any kind of a short-term warranty?

Amplifi was (IMO) a nice idea that they failed to develop, had some major deficiencies that were never definitively  corrected, and has been left to whither on the vine, even though I've not seen an announcement that they're out-of-production. But we're sure not seeing any ongoing development...

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