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Shame on Fullcompass


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Hello, I hope that I am in the right place to post this thread 


as I live in Algeria I didn't find anywhere to buy a transformer for my DT50. A friend of mine who was on vacation in the U.S.A bought for me the transformer on fullcompass as it is the only website where I could find it available. Once he gave me the package,  bad surprise. As you can seeon the pictures, the part seems used and damaged. Not only that, it has the same problem as my transformer inside my DT,  it  has a short cut in the primary section. Fullcompass does not ship out of USA,  so even if I find a way to send them back the product, which will coast the price of the transformer, I dont have any way to get a new one as I live in Algeria. This story makes me hate my amp 











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I used a voltage transformer/regulator on the main wall to have a 110v source. it seems to work fine. Full compass proposed to change the part for me , but since shipping will be expensive and since the part is working despite its physical condition I think I'm gonna keep it and use the amp with the voltage transformer on the main wall all the time. it works as a regulator at the same time and it has a fuse for further protection. 

Im I supposed to rebias the amp since it is working now under 110v conditions? I experienced a volume drop but it was a faulty preamp tube that I changed with the same model as mentioned on the forum.

I would like to thank line6, forum members and line6  Service Engineer Moderators for kindness and quick answers. 


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