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Radio Signals


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Hello all,


Has anyone else had problems with their Pod HD 500X picking up radio signals at night? I have managed to isolate the problem to the Pod HD500X, as plugging straight into my amp kills the radio signals. This happens even when the Pod is not connected via USB.


Any thoughts on fixing this? Thanks.

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First, you need to determine where the signals are being picked up. 


Do you hear them through headphones plugged directly into the Pod?  If not, it's probably a bad ground on a cable coming out of the Pod to your monitoring system. 


If you do hear them through the phones, does it happen with other guitar cables?  If not, it's a bad guitar cable. 


If it only happens with a certain guitar, it's something in the guitar, like maybe a bad jack. 


If you do discover that it is definitely the Pod, then see if it happens when all inputs are muted.  If not, it might be a bad input jack.  Try switching inputs to see if it makes a difference. 


Is the FX loop active?  Disable it.  If that solves it, It might be the FX return or send jack or the cables connected to it. Remove the cables.


If you have isolated each jack and that's not the issue and it's something internal, it would need servicing.

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Funny enough I have the same issue with my DT50 2x12 when I Unplug my hd500.... The humor in it is that I am picking up an AM Christian radio signal so I truly am hearing God through my tube amp.... Time for Prosac.

Best post ever! Really made my night!

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