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Enough is ENOUGH, Line 6

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We all here understand you position regarding the Firehawk vs the Helix boards support and development and we understand that if we would like a better performance board we can always upgrade to Helix and such.


Nevertheless you, Line 6, still owe us a RELIABLE equipment which, up to this date, has a lot of reported BUGS. I am not complaining in what is the Firehawk capable to do, because I am satisfied with that, but about the Bluetooth disconnections, the “freeze” boards, the lack of firmware and app updates, the cloud errors, the looper improper performance, etc


All of the things mentions before are supposed to be “strong” advantages of the Firehawk against its competitors because, please have in minds, your competitors ARE supporting their new and previous equipments continuously. If you need and example, check the Headrush, Fractal and Boss products.


Throw us a bone here! I’ve previously suggested that if the support for the Firehawk is over, let us have an open source code option, there might be capable people interested in developing a PC/Mac based interface or such.


Believe me, I like the Firehawk very much and I think I don’t need anything else for my musical needs, but I’m also sure that there’s still many potential that can be brought out of it, allow us to explore it and explode it!


Thank you.

Noe G.

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Here-here Noe!...

Or L6, if Firehawk FX is now a legacy offering, please tell us there's either a Firehawk FX II coming based on the Helix architecture OR!... there's a new Helix FX coming and it's basically the Helix platform programmable using a new Helix mobile app!.. "Helix FX Remote App"?..




Many of us FHFX diehards are actually Line 6 fans and we like most of what's offered in FHFX but we bought the Firehawk and stay with it (begrudgingly bugs and all) because many/most don't want to drop $1100 to $1600 on Helix (or can't afford to). That said - to keep our business and in the L6 ecosystem, maybe many of us would upgrade to the more affordable next iteration as described above. I personally would drop a new $450 for the new and improved FHFXII or the Helix FX with mobile app companion. That assumes all the documented bugs are fixed! 


Hoping L6 product development and senior leadership still frequent this section of the L6 user community...and if so thanks for listening.   


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I agree with (Tury) on all of the for mentioned …….


FIREHAWk is by Far superior to Helix in my opinon…..


 I like the app on my phone and the K.I.S.S. approach to making patches with it...  Marshall CODE amps are similar to the Firehawk and is doing good... I owned one and had got rid of it because it sucked Doo Doo... and had to go back to Line 6 Products like the HX stomp and back to Firehawk. I found my Loyalty Camp back to the Firehawk sound quality and KISS System with the phone.... Thanks :)      P.S. Come on Firehawk II

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