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HX EFFECTS into Marshall DSL20HR


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Hi all,

 My third guitar rig is very straight forward.

i am using a Marshall DSL20HR head into a Marshall Studio Classic JCM800 1X12 Cab.

the Head has two great channels with an Effects Loop.

I am currently using only the HX Effects which is all I require at this time.



I am using the 4 cable method with the expression 1 on the HX (using a TRS to TRS cable) out to the footswitch IN on the back of the head. Is there a way for me to have the two channels on the head, alternate every preset on the HX? I would like to eliminate the Marshall 2 button footswitch. (One Switch is for the channels and the other switch is for the on/off of the Effects Loop on the head).


So I would like to have the Effects Loop on the head always engaged and program my HX to change to channel 1 to preset 1, channel 2 to preset 2, channel 1 to preset 3, channel 2 to preset 4 and so on alternating as I increase my preset number. I’m afraid this can’t be done due to the switchable Effects loop?


Any ideas?




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