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Pod Hd Pro X/crown Xls1000/guitar Cab Help With Video

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I saw your video -- If you have your amp in bridged mode and have not rewired your speakon cable connector on the amp end to 1+/2+ on the channel 1 output, you will get no output. Try this as a test: take your XLS1000 out of bridged mode to stereo mode, turn your input gain knob on the front of the amp all the way up, take your main volume knob on the XLS down to zero and slowly bring it up -- if you have sound in that mode, your speakon cable at the amp end is wired 1+/1-. If you want to run bridged (I do with mine) you'll need to get your amp end speakon connect re-wired to 1+/2+ before you'll get any output.


Also -- what is the speaker Ohm rating? 4, 8, or 16 Ohms? I replied recently in response to the same question, different post -- was that your post?


As far as the pod front settings, they are not of concern to this problem, as long as you have signal going through your pod -- make sure with headphones...



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