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I recently bought a Pocket Pod (yesterday, in fact), and since then I've only got it working when it's connected to the PC via the USB cable. It works perfectly in that case, but as soon as I remove the cable, it stops working. I've tested it with batteries only or with a power supply, and none of it works. The only case when the Pocket Pod functions normally is when it has either batteries or cable plugged in, and it's connected to the PC.

I've read that the device needs a mono cable to activate, but I've been using a stereo one and there's no problem. Maybe the cable works when the USB is plugged in, but it doesn't work as a switch for when it is not.

Should I try a mono cable or is there another problem?

Thanks in advance

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If it says it needs a mono cable to activate, try using a mono cable. 


This is from the Reference Guide: "You should use only a standard, 1/4-inch mono guitar cable". Apparently a mono cable is required. I think that will fix your problem. 


PS: I find that people in this forum never respond to suggestions received. It would be helpful if you confirmed whether the advice given fixed the problem. 

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