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Toneport Kb37 Noise Problem On Garageband

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I bought used kb37 to record guitar, bass and vocal. I use macbook pro 2012 mid and OS version is 10.9.1(Mavericks), Garageband version is v10.  But I have not record anything yet because of popup noise when I connect guitar via toneport kb37 on garageband. I installed latest software like monkeys, gearbox and pod farm2 and I changed audio input/output setup to toneport kb37. I can hear guitar sound on garageband but also can hear pop up noise to play and record. I'd like to solve this problem. 



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I have the same problem.

2 weeks ago all was fine. I don't understand what is happened. I don't remember any update.

I've tried to reinstall mavericks, garage band, the driver 7.3.6 without success.

Also when i'm using garage I cannot change the sample rate. Only 44.1 is accepted

Vice versa when i'm using gearbox or pod farm all work fine

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