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Using POD HD500X to launch MIDI clips in Ableton Live 10

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I have Line6 Pod Hd500x as a multi-effect unit when I play with my guitar. At the same time, I want to use Ableton Live 10 during live performances to launch midi clips (e.g. a Violin part). I know how to map midi keys from controllers or laptop. So, I know how to do this using a dedicated midi controller (e.g. M-AUDIO Keystation32) or my laptop keyboard. My question is can I also map the knobs of POD HD500x (e.g. FS2, FS3 etc.) as midi “keys” in Ableton so that I don’t have to use a separate midi foot controller for this purpose? Has anyone done this with Ableton Live and Line 6 POD HD500x?
Thanks in advance

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1 hour ago, hurghanico said:


In the Appendix - MIDI section of the downloadable advanced guide it is written:

"POD HD500 additionally includes the ability to function as MIDI Controller device, with its footswitches and Expression Pedals capable of sending customized MIDI commands."


There is also a specific paragraph "Using POD HD500 as a MIDI Controller Device" which gives detailed instructions.


So, from within specific patches programmed to send customized MIDI commands it is possible to do what you need to do.


On youtube you can easily find some video tutorials about using the HD500 as a MIDI controller for Ableton.



All about POD HD500/X



I figured it out and also found this tutorial from YouTube which is simple and informative:




However, I was hoping to pass Midi signals from pod to laptop directly through USB. I found out that I cannot do that. So I need to also have some midi in to midi out cable to connect to my audio interface  (Focusrite 6i6) and then pass the midi signals from the audio interface to laptop (or so I understood). I have to try all this when I have the right cables, but in principle yes it is doable without an additional midi controller.

Thanks anyway,

Best regards


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