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I have the old sound diver setup if anyone needs it!!

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I just recently traded for an older pod pro rack unit so i dug out all my older line 6 stuff.


A few months ago i bought a few older line 6 amps the Flextone II and the HD147 i wanted a paper manual for it so i went on e-bay and searched around and found some one selling an older pilot book for a pod/pod pro it had the install disk inside the front cover which has some PDF stuff and the best part the Sounddiver utility to hook these older midi style units to a computer. Ive had a AX2 212 for about 3-4 years and its one of my favorites i bought a set of the midi to USB cables made by "X Midi1X1" E-MU in my opinion this is the best USB to midi cable set you can get it has the drive built into the little USB plug and installs the drives each time you plug it in making it very easy to use. Ive used it with windows 7 and 8 so far with no issues.


Now for the older software, on the disk is the factory line 6 "sound diver" Computer editing tool this makes changing the settings on the older pod/pod pro/Flextone series/HD147/ the SYS and AX2 series amps WAY easier. You simply click and drag to change the settings. No more blind editing holding tap or what ever else.


Now before you say "this wont work" there is a way you can get older programs to work with newer versions of windows, you RIGHT click the file, properties and select COMPATIBILITY mode and you can then select to run the file for older versions of windows like XP, ME, 98 etc. Windows then knows how to correctly run the program works great!


If anyone needs the program its not that big and has no time limit like the patchwizard. The patch wizard looks better and its easier to use but once you get the hang of the sound diver its WAY easier then trying to edit these older units from the front panel. 


I also find it handy to edit from a distance, wen your say a few feet back from the amp you can better hear the changes rather then being right up on it each time


Good luck!  oh and by the way the older pod pro rack unit rocks!



SoundDiver Line6 Setup.exe

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Omg, been looking for this for months 

I have an hd147 from years ago (£££) and want to download patches and edit them, andy timmons, Paul gilbert etc but I don't have the Windows software 

I have windows 7 and 10. Will this exe file help with that? 


Thanks in advance 

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