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Sending The Di Out Back Into The Fx Loop

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im using a RC-30 loopstation , it has stereo 1/4 inch instrument in and it also has a mic in with its own level . Ive got my RC-30 hooked into my DT-25 FXs loop with a few other fx pedals ,  i then have a mic cable going from the DI out on the DT-25 to my mic in on the loopstation ,


i found that it has a much nicer tone  blending the two signals .with a hint of FX and mostly the Dry out or the other way around a lot of FX and a hint of the dry signal . it also allows me to use the simulated mic from the DI out to color the tone even more.


this amp is indeed an amp factory . i just wish i didnt have to use midiox to set it all up,i have no ipod 

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