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Using Paths to double stomp button functions


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Whilst there are 8 normal stomp buttons on the Helix, I like to cram as much as possible into "do-it-all" presets, and there can never be enough buttons!  By using Paths I can have 2 separate tracks through the signal chain in Helix, and populate each with a collection of pedals that are similar in function but alternative in sound (e.g. FuzzFace and Klon in one path, ToneBender and TubeScreamer in the other - same principle for Mods and Delays).  Each stomp button turns both equivalents on/off at the same time, whilst the Path is selected using Snapshots.  I have every odd number snapshot switched to Path 1A/2A, and even numbered snapshots to Path 1B/2B.  Odd and even number snapshots give me a different selection of pedals, all controlled by the same 8 stomp buttons.  The alternative pedal switched by the same button is in one Path, and bypassed by switching to the other path with the snapshot.  Snapshots 3/4 and 7/8  also have a slightly different EQ/Gain to compensate for single-coil guitars, and whereas 1-4 have 1/4 note delays, 5-8 have dotted 1/8.  I also have the expression pedal assigned to progressively increase output level of the Merge block that precedes the Send/Return block whilst simultaneously reducing level from the final output block that goes to my amp return.  This enables me to increase gain by pushing the pre-amp in my amp, whilst also compensating for some of the excess volume increase that would normally go with pushing up the gain.  Swiss Army knife?

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