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DM4 mods: ANY wiring diagrams for Double &/or Blend?

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I used to own the line 6 DM4 distortion

modeller, Years ago and I eventually modded it
(I never had an expression pedal) to double the presets 

I don’t have it now and I recently got hold of a very cheap new one of these and I’ve decided, despite its age(!?) that I’d miss it too much and I’m going to keep it But I can’t remember how to do that mod & I’d really like to do it again!

I seem to remember that this info was fairly common on the Internet and that must’ve been where I got my wiring diagram from back in the day but now no one seems to have one:(

When I google it I just keep coming up with the delay or the modulator mod & not the line 6 distortion one:bonk

Can anyone help…?

A L S O I’d imagine this would be a great pedal for Bass if there was Any way to splice, say a 1meg Pot, between the input & output so as a dry signal could be blended in with the affected signal so any ideas regarding that one would be welcome too!:band

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