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Spider Iv Random Popping/no Volume Issue


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I have a Spider IV 150 HD head and cab.  It is about 3 years old, and I've used it for tons of shows.  Recently, especially after unloading it after a show, when I plug in my guitar, it acts like it is going to work, then the volume will go off, then come back in short burst lasting no more than a second or two. When I try to hit a note or strum the guitar, it makes a popping sound, but if I hold the note, the volume will act fine for a few seconds, then go off again.


This will happen very randomly. I can sit and practice for 2 hours, then it will start acting up and won't work again for a while. Then it will randomly starting working fine again and be fine for days or even weeks.


I've been very careful with it when unloading it and using it.  Although it has been used in very cold and very hot temperatures.


I have some important shows coming up, and don't want this to randomly start happening in the middle of the performance, so was just wondering if there was anything I could do to prevent this.  I am going to try a factory reset, but it could be days before I know it this truly worked.


Not sure if this matters but the guitars that this has happened with are an ESP LTD EC-1000FR and a Sterling JP-70.


Thanks for any help!

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Thanks, I really thinking about getting another amp soon, I've just had too many problems with this one over the years. The band I'm in played on a local TV station yesterday, and I managed to get by using my 70-watt Marshall MG30FX, not the best but it worked.  Thanks for the advice.



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