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POD 500 Dual Amp + Mooer Radar


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Hey guys, I got a question:

I want to use 2 different amps in PODs preset, thus I could switch from Amp to Amp within 1 Preset and get Clean or Distortion tone. So constantly only 1 of the Amps is on. And then this signal (Clean or Distorted) goes to Mooer.
I've tried to split the path in the Preset but I can always hear the DI signal even when 1 path is switched off. So the DI is cutting through on top of the Distorted tone, so the DI signal is always on and it's pretty loud. I've tried to pan paths hard left and hard right but it doesn't help, it just mutes one of the Amps completely, so I can't use it anymore, or maybe I did it wrong, dunno. 
I've tried to use FX LOOP output and 1,4 outputs (which are more preferable for me). But it doesn't help. Seems that I'm missing something in the setup, but I can't identify it. Can you please help me with this? Thanks in advance
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Oh, man

Thanks a lot for this tip. I thought that the signal should automatically switch off when you switch off the Amp.

I couldn't imagine that there is a separate volume control for the bypass mode that has to be turned down.

Though it now seems obvious to me.

Thanks a lot again. Will try to do it today

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