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Unable To Load Tones In Windows 8

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Had to get a faster computer, bought one with Windows 8. Installed latest Pod Farm (2.5.6) and now I can't get hardly any of my favorite effects, amps etc. In version 2.0 I was able to get a ton of presets, apms, effects and so forth, and now it is a pretty slim selection. Even when selecting from the drop down menu to get presets, most of them fail to load. Error Code 800a002. I"ve even tried to install the tones from a backup, but I still get the same error. 

Is there a solution for this , or is this the new Pod Farm?



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During the last couple of days I spent at least an hour or so to figure out how to get the tones I was looking for with the limited choices, like 3 amps, hardly any presets etc, and today while playing I noticed :  Everything is back to normal. Got all the presets and equipment back. What's up???

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I had the same problem when transferring to a new PC. I fixed it and had all my custom tones I had saved working properly by updating all the drivers and hardware bug fixes using the Line 6 Monkey program. The program wouldn't update the first time within the actual program, but using the Line 6 website downloads the Monkey program provides, I was able to get the updates installed. Hope this works for you!

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