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G10 does not transmit Relish Mary piezo signals

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I have used my G10 (with my Spider V 60) for a few months with a variety of guitars (including guitars that have both mags and piezos).  When I use my Relish Mary, the mags show up fine at the amp, but when I switch to piezos, all is silent.  Relish claims that the piezo signal is split (coming out of the ring), but I can use a regular cable and hear the piezos just fine, so the piezo signal must be coming out of the tip.  Anyone else encounter a similar problem?


I tried to create a Support Ticket, but was unable to register my G10, because the web site would not accept the serial number from my G10.  Frustrating.

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This is caused due to the design of the G10's transmitter in which the sleeve has been split like a TRS cable; which is for charging the G10T. Using the right angle adapter included with the G10 system will resolve this issue. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. 



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