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I have a Spider V 30 amp, and now I have bought an FBV 3 foot controller, too. I notice that the FUNCTION button on the FBV 3 does absolutely nothing, and I wonder whether it should. I realize that it is intended to control the looper, which isn't there on the V 30 and the V 20 amps. Am I right that it should not do anything with my setup?!?


A related question: I would love to have a looper added to my setup. Are there any recommendations out there?



Peter (from Denmark)

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Whatever looper you decide on, make sure you get a '2 button' one.  The single-button loopers require a bit of a 'dance' shutting off the recording/starting playback, much easier to use a 2-button one.

The problem with using a looper with a Spider amp is there is no effects loop to insert it, so you can't set up a rhythm loop with one sound, then change the sound to play a lead over it (unless you use external stompboxes before the looper).

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