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Hd Pro To Amp Setup.help!

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Hey guys, so I just purchased a Pod Hd Pro Rack unit. I wanna run it through a live rig and all I have is a discontinued Line 6 Mk1 Bogner head, a peavey 5150 slanted cab and an EC1000. The head only has a preamp out and power amp in. Now I have seen many videos of the HD500 live setup with the 4 cable method but the rack unit doesnt have the same outlets as the 500.  I have a few questions about all this.


1. What cables should I be using specifically for the 4 cable method(stereo, mono cables? mix of both?) and how do i connect them without hiss or airy noises( do i need to mod something on the pod hd as well to link with the cab better?) I just changed tubes so i know its not the head or anything digital thats wrong. The speakers in the cab are new as well.


2. The loudness of the amp reduces when i plug in the pod hd( also all hiss and airy noise is gone). Is my amp not suitable to power the pod hd?


3. finally is there a way to bypass the effects from the head and just use the power from the amp to run my pod hd's effects?


This noob would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!

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HD Pro has everything the HD 500 has and a bit more...


I say forget 4CM with a MK1 head...Not worth it IMHO with an HD...Yes, I have an SV MK1 and MK2...4CM a MK2 is worthwhile as you can control it and the HD Pro via midi...SV MK1...not so much...Too much Tap Dancing. Besides, the models in the HD are better anyway. I say just run the HD Pro to the Power Amp In...This bypasses the modeling and FX in the MK1 and basically the HDPro is your preamp and FX...much easier to manage I think...


1. GTR->HD Pro GTR Input

2. HD Pro Unbalanced 1/4 out (L or R)->MK1 Power amp IN

3. Rock!

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