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Pedal board power supply for HX Stomp


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On 2/7/2021 at 10:15 PM, jozokano said:

Hi everyone!

I have an MXR iso brick power supply (this one) and Im wondering if I can use it with the HX stomp. If this it’s possible, what would be the most recommended option to feed the HX with this power

I don’t think it’ll work, since it has fixed current outlets. The truetone can exert its compete power through one port, what is exactly what you need (Stomp at least needs 900ma)

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Hey folks - I have my HX Stomp on a little PT Nano board. I am currently using the stock power supply which is working for my purposes. 


As people have discovered, the stock PSU provides more than enough current, so I am trying to find a daisy chain cable that will enable me to power the stomp and a DMC micro. 


However, the daisy chain power cables I have from my old OneSpot doesn't work. The ends fit fine in a standard pedal, but it seems like the power input on the Stomp is just a hair smaller. 


Can someone please point me to the exact end converter cable I need?





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What I'm interested in doing is using the HX Stomp Power Supply, but use one of my 1 spot adapters to make it a right-angle plug.

Does anyone know if I can do this?  Would I still need to use both the CL6 and the converter, or would just the regular cable work?

Thanks in advance (I couldn't find the answer to this particular question).



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