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Sound from POD Studio GX to Bluetooth headphones

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so I'm playing using POD Farm 2 and through POD Studio GX. I was using classic wired headphones, plugged to the jack on the back side of the GX. But everytime I moved, headphones dragged GX to the ground so I decided to buy bluetooth wireless headphones.
And now I'm facing another problem - how to get a guitar sound to those BT headphones. 
I have desktop PC with bluetooth adapter in USB. Music and everything from PC is playing in those BT headphones, but no guitar sound. I can see in POD Farm 2 input sound bars, that there is a sound coming from the guitar, but I can't figure out how to hear it in my BT headphones. 
I would appreciate any help or advice. 
Thank you

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You would need to select your pc playback device, not the gx.

Check your computers sound settings

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