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Helix LT: how to get fuller tone when using amp only as speaker (no colouring)


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Hi there,


I have a Helix LT, and so far I am loving it. The notes are much clearer when using distortion than my old RP500. While the clarity of the notes improved with the Helix once I started using my Marshall combo as a speaker alone (plugging into the back of the amp rather than the front to avoid colouring), I've lost a lot of fullness to the tone (warmth), especially when picking clean. I am emulating a Fender twin reverb with a head and amp but no speaker cab. Is there anything I can do to bring some of the warmth back into my tone?





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Try adjusting the sag of the amp model, and not to sound like an lollipop, but try turning down the treble on the EQ if you haven't already. If you haven't, also make sure that you're hitting the power amp with the same level your normal preamp on the amplifier would. 

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