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control of drum tracks and metronome via FBV3


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I just stumbled across the drum tracks and metronome features on my Spider V 60. 


It would be lovely if I could establish a different metronome pattern selectable by a preset. 


It would be convenient if I could use a preset to start a drum track. 


The drum tracks are nice, but I cannot figure out how to get them  to run at different speeds: I tried using the Tap feature, but that did not seem to work.


Are these features fully integrated into the preset system?  If not, they are really only marginally useful.

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Thanks.  As I said, those features could be much more useful if the firmware in the amps were modified to allow assignment of drums and temp in a preset, and then control from the floorboard.  Perhaps Line 6 will read this and agree.  Meanwhile, I purchased a real looper.  It is large and bulky, but it does what I need.

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