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Setting minimum volume on FBV ShortBd Mk II

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New to this forum, hopefully not asking a dumb question...


I like to use the volume pedal to punch up the volume for solos, and then back it down for rhthym playing.  Getting to a certain lower volume on the fly, while singing and playing is a bit hard to do, so it would be nice of the low volume could be set, say at 60% of full volume, while still having full volume at 100%, without mucking up the function of the wah.


Is there a way to do it?  I've resorted to taping a block under the pedal so it won't turn all the way off.  Natch the wah doesn't work very well that way....


Thanks for any ideas!




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What are you using it with?


I have one of these boards that I use with a Amplifi 30 and an Amplifi 150. In this case, the volume pedal parameters are a function of the presets. (which are setup in the Amplifi remote app)  I have several presets that are configured exactly as you've described, providing a reduced volume with the heel down, and 100% with the toe down.

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