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Uber Metal

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Hey all. Have and proudly own an Uber Metal Tone Core. I love this pedal, blows Boss' Metal Zone away! It quit working on me after a few months. I ended up just ordering a new module and got it today. My question is, is there a way to rule out that it's the module and not the dock itself. I had everything apart since it's out of warranty. Nothing appeared burned, corroded, anything. Did continuity checks everything seems fine. When powered up the pedal sounds badly clipped, I'm guessing the noise gate malfunctioned. Doesn't know whether to mute or not. Passively the pedal is fine. 


So all that useless info above my 2 questions are, If I plug in the new module and the dock is bad can it blow the module and 2, I use stereo cables, could this have caused the jack to break internally being that it has mono ins/outs? 


Thanks ahead of time for any responses and rock on!


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