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POD UX2 No Meter Movement for Instrument... Please Help??? :(

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Hey guys, I've read all the posts about POD UX2 in this forum, but nothing seems to help :( Please help me out ;( 


About two months ago my POD UX2 did not have any problem with its sound or signal.  


Now that I have spare time, I connect the device again, but no sound & no meter movement :( 


- I use POD Farm and Window 10 with my device

- The issue is not about my guitar--no active pickups, guitar knobs at full, working perfectly last week

- The output level and volume on Pod Farm are also not the problem

- The unit lit up, but showed no meter change whenever I played something on the guitar

- The screen (on Pod Farm) also shows no meter change as well

- I can hear other audio sounds (i.e. youtube) through the device, though

- The mixer input was on instruments, so no problem with the mixer


- Unfortunately I have no access to other amps, so I cannot tell if the problem lies on the guitar cable... hopefully if that's the case I would simply be able to change it out.


But is there any other possible issue that I might be overlooking? Please help! :( :( :(

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Is your ux still set up as your soundcard on your computers settings?

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