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"pulsing" Volume Levels On Ux8 - Instrument Inputs


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Hello - I'm having some pretty tough challenges working with the Instrument inputs on my UX8.


Whenever I play through the front Instrument inputs (either input, pad on or off, any instrument, any cable), I get an up-and-down volume effect on notes that are held.  It sounds as if a compressor is in between my instrument and the UX8, and it's throbbing/pulsing. 


I get this response regardless of whether I'm using PODFarm, some other virtual rig, or recording dry tracks.  The attached MP3 is recorded 100% dry signal - you'll hear the pulsing volume at least twice. 


Any ideas?  It's not a cable/instrument issue at all (tested with several of each), nor is it a clipping issue.  Just want the notes to decay normally - thanks!

ux8 wobble.mp3

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