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Something fun I was playing with on my Helix

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So I played around with something fun the other day that I thought I would share in case others could use it and not thought of it. I bought an EHX Attack Decay. The pedal has an effects loop built into it for adding effects to the envelope effect without changing the through signal. I set the device up so that it's in and out was in effects loop 1 on the Helix and then out wired the pedals effects loop into effects loop 3 on the Helix. I assigned effects loop 1 to path A in the Helix, which also had a distortion block, amp/cab block, reverb and delay. Then I assigned  the input of  path B to return 3 and the out of path B to send 3/4. Then I dropped different effects into path B to have them in the effects loop of the EXH pedal. This concept would work great for things like the Timeline where you can put effects into the repeats through a effects loop.  


The only thing that I wish could be done different would be to not loose the use of effects loop for in order to set the output of B to send 3. I am guessing I could get fancier with the routing to make that work...maybe setting input of path 1B to something else and then panning the outputs of 3/4 to left and right.... Anyone else played with this idea? 

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