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Saving alternate tunings to Variax 600

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Yes... but with a couple of caveats. 


The 1st generation Variax guitars (including the 600) do not separate the tunings from the tones, you have to save a tuning with a tone. EG: If you want all five position of a strat available in a specific tuning, you have to save each pickup position with the alternative tuning - ultimately consuming 5 more slots. IMO.... I usually only need a couple different tunings on a specific tone (eg: tele bridge with an open G ala Keith Richards, or a Drop D on a Tele Bridge and on an Acoustic). Therefore, I only use a few extra slots for special tunings. 


Another caveat is that you need to use Workbench to alter (create) any tunings, you cannot do it from the guitar itself. Therefore you need a Variax interface (or older compatible POD), a VDI Cable, and a computer. The software itself is a free download. Once the sound is stored in it's location, you can recall it from the guitar. 

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