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FBV Express MKII - how to enable tweak pedal?

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I am using a FBV Express MKII with my Amplifi TT.  Does anyone know how to enable the 'tweak' function on the FBV Express with the volume/wah pedal?  The advanced user guide states the following:


Pedal VOL & WAH Indicators: These two lights at the left of the onboard Pedal indicate the current mode. When both lights are lit this indicates the Pedal is controlling the assigned TWEAK 


I can switch between vol and wah modes with the toe switch, but how do I then enable the tweak mode with both lights lit?


Ideally I want to be able to use the pedal tweak in conjunction with 'FX tweak' and 'Assign to Pedal' from the Amplifi App, so that I can change parameters on the fly.


Thanks in advance! :)


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I've been wondering this as well. If anyone can explain it would be much appreciated!

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