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Pan Pedal & Signal Routing Problem


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Hi ...

I recently got a Helix and one of the problems I am having is with my Carvin/Kiesel AE185 guitar. It's an Acoustic/Electric with two outputs. One output is the Electric, the other is the Acoustic. What I am hoping to do is:

  • Use the 1/4" Guitar Input for the Electric and the 1/4" Aux Input for the Acoustic.
  • Have two paths, one which will have just the effects I use for the electric and the other having just the effects I use for the Acoustic.
  • In a live scenario have complete L/R separation with the Electric output going to one side and its own external amp/cab; the Acoustic going to the other side and its own external amp/cab each on the 1/4" outputs.
  • Use the Pan Exp Pedal to pan and blend between the two.


My pre-Helix rig uses an Ernie Ball 6165 Stereo Volume/Pan Pedal to accomplish this. I could continue to do this, but I'm thinking the Helix should be able to do this while also providing more options


Is this possible? Because I am not finding it.

Can someone walk me through setting this up? Meanwhile, I'll keep looking through the Forums and on YouTube. I can't be the only person who needs to do this. Maybe I'll find what I need or have my "A-Ha!" moment as I sift through resources online.


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