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Short Description:
I can get a Direct out to my DAW and record that with no problems through the SPDIF line.

But when I try to send the recorded signal back into my Helix through SPDIF, I get a horrible feedback. (3.6khz)

This is using a Presonus Studio 18/24 audio interface and Presonus Studio One Pro V. 4.5 as my DAW.

Using the Helix as my audio interface and the USB ports and S1 as the DAW works fine.


Hardware and connections

Helix Rack, Presonus Studio 18/24

1/4 inch outs of Helix into presonus inputs (helix out set to 1/4 inch, not multi)

S/PDIF out of Helix to S/PDIF in on presonus

S/PDIF out on Presonus to S/PDIF in on Helix

Wordclock out on Presonus connected to Wordclock in on Helix.

(clock set to internal on presonus, clock set to wordclock in in the global settings on Helix)



Software DAW and Helix edit settings

On the DI track, output is set to S/PDIF, input is set to none. (output gain can be adjusted with fader, initially have it set all the way down)

On the track where I intend to record the re-amped signal I have the inputs set to the Helix audio outs with gain set down.

Helix edit has lane 2 input set to none output set to unused output port.

Lane 1 has input set to guitar, output set to 1/4 in outs.


As soon as I switch the lane one input to digital (S/PDIF signal) it goes into uncontrolled screeching.

No other setting seems to matter.


Does anyone have experience with this and can let me know what I'm missing or what mistake I'm making?



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