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L3t And Hd500 L6 Connectivity Issue W/ Hd500 Master Volume

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I just got the L3t and absolutely love it. Sounds amazing! I wish the L6 link worked differently through the HD500 and the L3t. I wish the Master Volume on the HD500 did not become the slave (doesn't change volume at all) to the L3t's volume knob to control the overall volume (sorry for the poor wording). I wish that was reversed. The interesting connectivity between the HD500 and the L3t could be better. Hopefully it is just user error or if not, this will change in the future with an update.


Am I correct in this being the way the HD500 works with the L3t through L6 link? 


I also want to be able to select L3t Speaker Modes inside of the HD500 through a menu, not just by switching the Speaker Mode in each preset and then saving into the HD500 this way. Any thoughts you guys have?


The HD500 sounds incredible going into the L3t through L6, but the functionality goes out the window because you can't control the speaker from the HD500. The HD500 master volume knob shutting off is a No-No. It should be that the L3t's Master Volume Knob becomes the slave to the HD500's master volume or if nothing else, both master volumes continue to be able to change the volume, like if you just go 1/4 inch line output from the HD500 into the Line Output in the back of the L3t. 


Any input or thoughts would be great! Thanks guys. 

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I'm with you on this one!!!


L6 should definitely to a firmware update on the HD500 to let it control the L3T, like it already happens with the JTV and DT amps. I'd like to choose on the POD the mode in which the L3t is operating, whether if it's set globaly or on a preset basis, have the master volume knob on the POD working, etc.


The L3t really matches with the pod, and the potential is enormous, just gotta make it happen line 6!! GIVE US CONTROL, GIVE US THE POWER! :P 

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The HD500 master volume may not work when L6 linked to a L3/L2 speaker, however the channel volume on your HD500 will affect your volume.  The reason the master volume is disabled on the HD500 in this example is because the master volume on your L3/L2 truly is your master volume.  Adding a 2nd master volume could add the possibility of overly gaining your signal and inadvertently blasting yourself with a signal that is way louder than you had anticipated.


Regarding the ability to change speaker modes, you are correct that they would have to be saved as part of your tone preset beforehand.  A possibility for working around this could be that you save multiple instances of the same preset but with different speaker modes.  For example, 1A is electric guitar, 1B is acoustic guitar, 1C is for monitor mode (to take away some low end), and 1D is reference PA - all of those settings are on your speaker, but the tone is the same for each. 


Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why you would want to do this, and I believe that you may find that the electric guitar setting that the speaker defaults to will generally be the best setting for your electric guitar.  Of course different effects and settings may create a nice little change in tone, but feel free to try it out.


Different settings do have different EQ's.

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..I believe that you may find that the electric guitar setting that the speaker defaults to will generally be the best setting for your electric guitar. 



Is this dependent at all on whether or not your HD500 preset uses the Full amp model (including cab/mic sims) or just the Preamp model? I tend to use the L3t in PA/Reference mode and I use Full amp models almost exclusively. Should expect better results if I switch the L3t to Electric Guitar mode? (Not that there's anything wrong with the results I'm getting now.)

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