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powercab 112 vs guitar amps for wet/dry wet

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I am a bedroom guitar player.  I might get back at jamming in the future if I find the right people to have fun with, but I mostly play by myself at home and looking to upgrade on what I have at the moment.  I currently play with a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL100 with a 4x12 Marshall 1960A with Helix floor.  I have the 4 cable method happening and it's great, no complaint.  I keep hearing people with wet dry wet setup and it sound HUGE.  Flexibility to play tunes that needs this setup is also very interesting for me.


I am in the market to get either two Line 6 Powercabs 112 plus, or, get myself a couple little Marshall valve combo 40 watts which are about $150 cheaper than the Powercabs.

I love the Marshall sound but do have presets where I play them clean through the marshall with different amps from Helix.  that all sound great.  What I am wondering is many people talk about the power cabs but to me being old school think I might get better served with two little Mashall on either side to accomplish my wet/dry/wet. 


Anybody ever tried getting their stereo sounds through amps or have some of you tried playing with an for center channel and use two powercabs?


I love the idea of the powercabs and the L6 Link and the flexibilitity those have while combined with the Helix, but I also love having real guitar amps which can always be used if someone would ever drop over my place with their guitar to jam.  What do you guys think?

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Powerecab+ will be way more flexible, especially if you need different speaker/IR options and acoustic patches.

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