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Powering HX Stomp with Eventide Powermax - 3050 cable MIA


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I have this stuff: 




And I need this:



That 3050 cable is out of stock everywhere unless you want to order it overseas and pay crazy shipping costs. Does anyone know of another cable that would work in the situation, or a workaround or something? 

For those new to this, the HX Stomp  needs a center negative, 2.5mm cable. Most cables are center positive and/or 2.1mm (like Boss standard)

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So you need an RCA plug -> 2.5mm DC plug, centre negative? This is the kind of thing you can easily make yourself once you've acquired some basic soldering + wiring skills. Maybe this is not an immediate solution, but having these skills will save you money and time; IMO these are very useful skills for all musicians. As you've found, a premium is charged for something that is just two 50c connectors + a few cents of dual-conductor cable.

I had a search for various adapters, but couldn't find anything. Any results I found for "RCA plug, DC plug" would still require some basic soldering to combine two different cables in the right way.

Your best bet may be to take one of the RCA -> 2.1mm DC plug cables that came with your power supply to a local tech, and get them to replace the 2.1mm plug with a 2.5mm plug (also taking into account the final DC polarity required).

(FYI, "Boss Standard" is always centre negative.)

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