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pod hd500x


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I have a question

.When I play on a keyboard 3 note At the same time I heard one sound

.When I play on a guitar 3 note At the same time I heard more than one sound

I Wondering if I can to get in my guitar unity of sound like on keyboard by pod hd500x ? pod





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To be clear, Are you trying to achieve the ability to play a full chord with one note on the guitar (1-fret pressed down), or are you trying to figure out why your keyboard only had a single sound?  Also, can you explain what you mean by one sound?  I'll do my best to assist you, as I've messed with synth patches for my POD 500x for a while.

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  i feels that is complex  from 3  noteuniform  sound , different then i  play on 3 thin strings  together   When I play/hit  by  fingers  Once on  3  bass fat  strings,  I  get  more

. Sorry abut my eng

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