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New Helix Rack - Joystick stiff and off centered, it is common?


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Hi guys.

Recently I sold my Helix Floor to buy a (brand new) Rack+Controller+Power Conditioner and everything arrived today. Very happy so far, love the new setup, much easier on my back lol! The power conditioner also removed all the noise I had coming from my power socket, awesome toy.

Anyway, the joystick on the Rack front panel, it's very fluid for top/left/bottom clicks, but stiff on the right. You can barely feel and ear the click. I had exactly this same behavior on the Helix Floor, even on the second Joystick they installed for a repair. At this point I guess it's something common? 


After that, I see the joystick it's very off center, but again...looking around on google images, I see the same thing on many units.

At this point I'm just trying to understand if the two factors are correlated, stiffness and off center (bad installation on the front panel?), or if it's just a common thing and I've to live with it. Any Rack user here that could confirm or give me some advice? Do I have to return it? Meh? :)


Anyway, couple of pics so you have an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks for any input. o/





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Mine is off-center like yours. Mine clicks fine in all directions, and rotations.  I can hear/feel it clearly in all directions. I think it may be slightly more stiff clicking to the right, but not much at all.


I have had mine for almost 3 years, no issues. 

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My new Helix rack ( purchased 7/10/19) is at L6 service right now.  Same issue with the joystick, mine woulld not click right (3 o'clock) position.  I also had a noise issue, and sounded like i had tremolo on every patch.  My retailer did not have a unit in stock to exchange, and L6 is out until mid/late August.

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On 7/2/2022 at 7:28 AM, arthursonter said:

Yep my helix rack just delivered and the joystick doesnt click when pushed to the right 

Very unhappy customer 

Anyone else had this problem ?



When you say it doesn't click, do you mean it doesn't work, or that it just doesn't audibly click?

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