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Downgrade JTV-59

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Hi to all,


just a question: Is it sensefull to downgrade the firmware to 1.9 or below? 

For the sound, as it seems, yes BUT will it be still compatible with the Workbench HD and the Helix in that way as it is now?

Watching a few youtube videos made me curious about the sounding. It seems the HD firmware sounds different. Not bad at all but that different that it‘s worth a try. 




PS: If the answer is yes, what version should I choose?

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5 hours ago, psarkissian said:

cbrillow,... correct. Anything below v2.00 will not work with Workbench HD, so the original Workbench

would have to be used. There is no compatibility or portability between the between the two versions.


Thanks for the info... I am asking because I had no interface for firmware installation. It came not with my used bought jtv-59. 

With the helix connected to the pc I was able to play with the sounds but no reset or downgrade and upgrade. Reset is not possible without installing the firmware. It‘s changed since 2.0. I guess the  interface should arrive the next days. Let‘s see how it works out for me. ;-)

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