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POD HD500 still worth it, especially with DT Amp


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4 hours ago, ts020572 said:

This thing still rocks! 


It's pretty sad that sometimes old gear just doesn't automatically start to sound bad the minute new gear comes out. 

I mean, doesn't the old gear know the rules. New gear is out, you need to start to sound bad. 

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On 7/17/2019 at 9:37 AM, kyawhtin1984 said:

Hello! How to get hd model amps for free.I owned Hd500



Do you mean the Model Packs?  Or just downloadable tones?  If it's tones, use the custom tone area...if it's the model packs, you gotta buy em, unless you bought a NEW HD500X, then when you register it, and update via Line 6 Monkey/Updater and activate it, they should give you a redeemable set of "Fully Loaded" under your account.

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