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Spider V MkII Update- new software for Spider V

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Ok I finally got my MK2 update. It's much better. I was ready to sell this amp but I'm stuck with it because I live in a Apartment on the 3rd floor 

My problem was I was running

<Mac IOS Sierra> and that did not work so I got my niece's older MAC

Big shout out to my brothers wife Andi, my niece Bella and the customer service at Apple for getting me on way to crushing my eardrums again with headphones ofcourse 



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Okay, I heard back from Line 6 Support last week and they resolved my issues - which are described above in acoupla posts on this thread. 


My main mistake was just following the instructions laid out in the July 24 email sent out by Line 6 - which highlights the opportunity for "ALL-NEW PRESETS, CLASSIC MODE & MORE. Apparently, in order to get the promised all-new presets, in addition to the steps laid out on July 24, you also need to "..factory reset your device AFTER backing up any presets you wish to keep." Poking around the Spider V Forum I see the factory reset was also mentioned in an earlier Line 6 announcement but not mentioned in the steps laid out in the email. Still, I'm all squared away. My personal presets survived the update process, I've got the new batch of presets, I can run my electric through the Classic speaker mode. I sent Support a few more questions about Brave New Firmware 2.0 stuff I still don't understand, but my setup is now giggable. 

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Tried updating with a different computer that had windows 10 .....worked the first time!  The new firmware sounds so much better. 

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