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Why no PC plus fw 2.00.1 for Windows 8?


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Went through the Helix fw 2.8 update listed for Windows 8, including the hxe and updater, then the PC plus edit 2.0 listed for Windows 8, that requires the PC plus fw 2.00.1, BUT the firmware.2.00.1 is not listed for Windows 8, only Windows versions 7 and 10. So, when using the updater, is not listed for installation.  I manually downloaded the firmware from the Windows 7 list  (a PITA) was able to save it, then used the updater to load the local file. I believe it's just an oversight, but has not been added as of today so far. 


I know win 8 is a small relative user base,  but I kept it on my main PC due Windows 10 dropping a key feature that I use regularly. My other PCs have 10 on them but aren't physically close to the Helix and PC plus. 


Just putting this out there...



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Yes, and it found what's listed in the software section for Windows 8, but the PC plus firmware wasn't in there. Take a look at the 2.00.1 firmware notes and windows 7 and 10 are listed, but not 8. Then choose the Windows 8 filter manually in the download section for the PC plus, it's not there, some flag wasn't set when they added it. The installer is os aware, so it doesn't find the things not flagged... The firmware is for the PC plus, not Windows. 

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Why are you downloading the firmware directly? Just use the latest version of L6 Updater to update your Powercab to the latest version.


If you really want to update manually, the firmware image is the same across all OSs, so the fact that Windows 8 isn't listed almost certainly isn't an issue.


EDIT: just realised that I missed the OPs original point, so none of what I've said is appropriate! :(

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