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#4 Parameter Control knob died


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Well, I was enjoying 2.8 for a day. Tonight I went to adjust a parameter with the #4 knob and the setting changed about 10% and that was it. Knob no longer controls value up or down.  The push push/hold functions still work, but knob appears dead. 

Did the full factory reset, no change.  I rolled back to 2.71, no change.  Back to 2.8, Reset no change.

I'm guessing it's hardware and a coincidence to the 2.8 upgrade.  I thought I'd post here in case anyone else has similar issues,  I'll test again tomorrow

Edited to add: I restarted Helix with switches 4&5 pressed down. If you select UI mode using the joystick you can test your switches and knobs. Screen starts all red, and each listed parameter will turn green after it tests as functional. My "encoder 4" appears to be dead.


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Have you had any luck getting it fixed?  I'm having the same issue with the same leftmost parameter knob ENC1 in diagnostics.  Pushing the button works ECC1 though.  Thanks!


EDIT:  I pulled the knob off and sprayed some Deox-It contact cleaner and now it's working!

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